Located in the iconic Golden Triangle in Beverly Hills, English Rabbit is a luxury children’s boutique committed to delivering bespoke high-end fashion with unparalleled versatility. English Rabbit is one of the few boutiques in the world that carries designer brands such as Gucci and Missoni as well as many other up and coming European labels. We travel to New York, Paris, London, Milan, Brussels, Florence and beyond throughout the year to ensure that we deliver collections that are the highest quality and the best curated.
In 2015, after years of styling sessions, childrenswear buyer and stylist Kelly Dowdy and her client, Natalie Fuller, a mother who heralded from the interior design world, lamented on their mutual affinity for nuanced and diverse fashion and how there wasn’t just one place that could meet all of their style needs.
Hence, English Rabbit was born.
Our mission in terms of children’s fashion is to provide age appropriate choices that honors individualism but doesn’t limit expression and creativity by ascribing to rigid ideas of how children should dress. After all children, like adults, don’t always have tastes that fit into perfect little boxes. They have unique penchants that often check multiple boxes. Whether it's high fashion, preppy, casual chic, boho, tomboy, hipster, classic or all of the above that you and your little one gravitate towards, we are committed to delivering the most coveted options from all nomenclatures of style.