The Magic of Personal Style

There's no denying the rush each of us feels when we find the perfect outfit. Or the perfect piece that makes us feel like we can conquer any situation. Fashion has the potential to influence how we feel about ourselves, and how we interact with others daily. The same can be said about our little ones. Picking out clothes and having fashion freedom can impact our kid’s self-esteem, confidence, and decision-making.

With these fashion feels in mind, English Rabbit strives to make even the youngest fashionista’s dreams come true. With 88 designer brands and counting, including Fendi, Moncler, Stella McCartney, BonTon, Bellerose, Golden Goose and so many more, we’re proud to offer the styles, materials, and diverse options to inspire your youngster to dream big.

Let's talk about how fashion can inspire, motivate, and encourage your mini, and how you can help them develop their very own sense of style.


Confidence Booster

You know that feeling you used to get when you wore your best new outfit on the first day of school? That feeling of confidence and strength? Fashion has the power to give our kids that extra dose of self-confidence they need to shine. By giving children the opportunity to shop for their own clothes, we allow them to explore clothing that truly speaks to them. As a result, they can become more confident in who they are, which is the ultimate self-esteem booster!


Decision Making

The morning grind can feel like a whirlwind, especially when it’s time for your youngsters to pick out what to wear for the day. You’re short on time and in a rush to get out the door, and your patience is running on empty, which means an argument over fashion choices is not on your agenda. By involving your children in their fashion decisions, you can eliminate some of this morning stress. Of course, you may still need to offer guidance on pants over shorts when the forecast calls for rain, but when given the freedom to make their own decisions on what to wear, children will learn through experience about how their fashion choices impact their day. Plus, they’ll gain the confidence in knowing that you trust them to make those decisions. By helping them vocalize what they like and don’t like, children will develop a greater confidence in their decisions, which will ultimately translate to a more confident decision-maker later in life. We’d like to think of that as a parenting win-win.


Self Expression

Think back to your childhood. Do you remember an article of clothing you always wanted, but your parents wouldn’t allow you to wear? Whether it was ripped jeans, a crop top, or a pair of short shorts, chances are you’ve argued for your fashion freedom at some point in your youth. By allowing your children to pick out clothes that let them express who they are, you’re showing them that you support them and respect their opinion. Now, this is all within reason, of course, as there’s a time and place for certain types of clothing. But by listening to your little ones and following their fashion likes and dislikes, you’re opening up the conversation, and showing that you’re willing to consider their form of self-expression, which will open up the lines of communication as they continue to grow and evolve.

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Meet the Stylist



Kelly Dowdy

As co-owner and buyer at Beverly Hills-based luxury children’s boutique English Rabbit, Kelly Dowdy brings her extensive knowledge of the fashion industry to the children’s market. She has been buying since 2001 and styling for children specifically since moving to Los Angeles in 2008. Kelly earned a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studied business and marketing of fashion. She then went on to work in the fashion industry in both New York and Los Angeles as a buyer and planner for companies such as Calvin Klein and French Connection. Now, as a resident of Los Angeles, Kelly understands both the customer and the market, and strives to bring the right products to the right part of town.

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