Bisou Rainboots


The most anticipated comeback of the year? It's the rain one… Uh, MC RAIN BOOTS!

Made by Mathilde Cabanas

For this new batch, they have redesigned the recipe for the magic boots to make them even better ❤️: a notched sole to be able to jump, dance, run off-road, a slightly softer and matte red, a tab to slip them on with your fingers in the nose, a slightly wider fit to be able to put on thick padded socks.

Tested in the most extreme conditions (large puddles, torrential rain, overexcited children), Bisou boots turn slush into a rainbow, raindrops into little hearts, in short, bring maximum happiness on gray days.

Exists from 21 to 38.
Large size, we advise you to take the size smaller than your usual size.

Color: Red

Style # BOTTMC0