Where You Came From


PreSchool-K—"Where did I come from?" Henry asks. His parents answer his question with a series of playful stories. Adults will grin at the many references to common birth mythologies, such as a cabbage-patch baby, a wooden child come to life, and a mail delivery with no return address marked "handle with care." Whimsical pen-and-ink drawings with watercolor accents and a lovely minimalist design complement simple, poetic text. Regrettably, the facts are never quite revealed. Instead of giving him a frank answer, Henry's father tells him, "Your mother and I both dreamt you. And then you came true." This, accompanied by a small illustration of Henry's parents sleeping in bed, is the only suggestion of truth in this otherwise charming book. While this final segment may be suggestive of the underlying biology, it fails as a conclusion no matter how you see it. Children unfamiliar with the concept of sex may take the father's answer at face value, more savvy children may wonder why it's never explained outright, and adults who read it may wonder at the implication that innocent curiosity about one's origins shouldn't be rewarded with an honest answer.—Madeline Walton-Hadlock, San Jose Public Library, CA

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